Saturday Jul 24, 2021 - Sunday Aug 15, 2021


by: Daniel A. Olivas
directed by: Daphnie Sicre

A world premiere one-act pandemic version of Daniel A. Olivas's WAITING FOR GODÍNEZ

“What harm have you done to them? You are as much of this country as you are of México. But you are not home in either place. Ni de aquí, ni de allá.”

Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s iconic Godot play, with humor deeply steeped in Latinx culture, and our country’s anti-immigrant policies, this play explores the meaning—and absurdities—of identity and belonging. “Waiting” is a shorter, pandemic version of the playwright’s full-length play, “Waiting for Godínez.”

  • "Olivas has ingeniously transferred the woes and vexations of Beckett’s characters to the US/Mexican border, a place not hard to picture as being surrounded by the crumpling unfinished wall, the perfect symbol of the twice-impeached ousted Orange Traitor Tot’s failed policies dealing with the continuing problems of illegal immigration." Ticket Holders L.A
  • "Actors in face shields giving real, raw performances as passersby crane their necks, strolling by art on their way to the car. This is what I will remember of this time. How theatre came back to life after months of darkness and zoom boxes. A time capsule that will forever be how I picture 2021. What a profound piece, too. This is a production IN THE MOMENT, OF THE MOMENT in every possible way." Tara Lynn Wagner
  • "In this prolonged period of COVID variants and restrictions, some Angelenos might want to see the latest variation on Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”...Daphnie Sicre’s staging is sharply paced." Angeles Stage
  • Starring: Shanelle Darlene, Carolina J. Flores, Valentina Guerra, Amir Levi, and Raul Vega Martinez
  • Associate Producer: Natasha Kaiserman
  • Costume Designer: Mylette Nora
  • Sound Designer: Matt Richter
  • Stage Manager: Letitia Chang

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