Saturday Jan 18, 2020 - Monday Feb 10, 2020


by: Steven Leigh Morris
directed by: Nike Doukas

A funny, often biting, brand new satiric play about the corrosive pressures of click-bait journalism.

In a world of fake news, if Facebook refuses to fact-check political ads, how can we know what’s true? Red Ink follows a journalist who loses his newspaper, his family, and his mind. Can the truth set him free? Can the truth even be discerned?

Red Ink looks at the corrosive pressures of click-bait journalism and cut-throat competition on an imploding newspaper recently purchased by a private equity firm. The paper is further bludgeoned, or perhaps redeemed, by the intrusion of a deranged incel gunman, seeking revenge for a news article he found offensive.

In Steven Leigh Morris’s absurdist satire, The Front Page meets Marat Sade, as the journalist, newly admitted to a mental ward, re-enacts scenes from the life of his newspaper with fellow inmates, capturing the moment when social media swerved into fast lane of public information and perceptions.

  • Starring: Michelle Bonebright-Carter, Tracey A. Leigh, Leo Marks, Christopher Salazar, Jocelyn Towne, Peter Van Norden
  • Producer: Henry 'Heno' Fernandez
  • Scenic and Projection Designer: Lily Bartenstein
  • Lighting Designer: Matt Richter
  • Sound Designer: Jesse Mandapat
  • Costume Designer: Mylette Nora
  • Stage Manager: Letitia Chang

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