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MIX-MIX: The Filipino Adventures Of A German Jewish Boy

by: Boni B. Alvarez
directed by: Jon Lawrence Rivera
"In Brief: A play in Tagalog, German, English, and Hebrew is an uncommon thing indeed, and yet this daring linguistic feat perfectly embodies the enriching, tasty multi-cultural stew that Mix-Mix serves up with gusto and humanity. This is a marvelous, often thrilling production from beginning to end... The action unfolds with a shimmering fable-like quality with a bit of mysticism thrown in. This works superbly, a testament to Alvarez, an insufficiently appreciated artistic treasure whose plays should have a wider audience here and nationally." Politics, Money, Culture

A world premiere play based on a true story.

Playwrights’ Arena and Latino Theater Company present Alvarez’s epic WWII play inspired by the true-life experiences of Ralph J. Preiss. Mix-Mix tells the coming-of-age tale of 13-year-old Rudy Preissman, who escapes Nazi Germany at the age of nine with his family to find safety in the Philippines. Their tropical refuge is upended when Japan invades the islands, forcing the family and their Filipino friends to hide in the heights and depths of sacred Mount Banahao.

  • "BRILLIANT ENSEMBLE WORK... a story of community and humanity, but it also serves as a piece of little-known history... there is no measure for how much this touching tale keeps you reeled in and fully immersed." Larchmont Buzz
  • "Quite unlike anything Boni B. Alvarez has written before, Mix-Mix: The Filipino Adventures of a German Jewish Boy not only shines a light on a bona fide band of WWII heroes but does so in the most riveting and awe-inspiring of ways."
    Stage Scene LA
  • "Some of the key moments of the fast-moving play are choreographed—the hike up the mountain, capturing a wild boar, and a funeral. These are among the most electric episodes in the drama. The physical response to air raids and bombing sorties is nothing short of visceral." People’s World
  • “EPIC… the play is entertaining and has moving moments that reveal how humans need each other to survive... the pacing of the play and the comedy keep the audience engaged till the end." Glamgical
  • “RIVETING… Rivera helms the piece with careful attention to the riveting details of their long journey to freedom. MIX-MIX will definitely appeal to history buffs, especially those focused on WW II and those who love to ferret out little known stories. Obviously, Jewish patrons will also find the events in the piece fascinating, poignant, and perhaps even surprising. Audiences should also remember that this is a true saga, and Preissman is still alive to verify the facts." Splash Magazine
  • “POIGNANT AND HUMOROUS… vivid staging and impressive technical aspects… stunning visuals that drive home the frantic nature of the travelers’ flight.” Stage Raw
  • “DESERVES TO MOVE ONWARD… Nine terrific performers do rather astonishing work in a challenging theatrical space.” Stage Right or Not
  • “INTRIGUING…TOUCHING… shines a light on a heroic, noble chapter of Filipino history.” Hollywood Progressive
  • Starring: Casey J. Adler, Alexis Camins, Mark Doerr, Angelita Esperanza, Kennedy Kabasares, Myra Cris Ocenar, Jill Remez, Giselle Tongi, and Mark McClain Wilson
  • Lead Producer: Olga Garay-English
  • Choreographer: Reggie Lee
  • Escrima Choreographer: Alvin Catacutan
  • Dramaturg: Arnab Banerji
  • Scenic Design: Christopher Scott Murillo
  • Lighting Design: Azra King-Abadi
  • Sound Design: Jesse Mandapat
  • Projection Design: Nick Santiago
  • Costume Design: Mylette Nora
  • Prop Design: Lily Bartenstein
  • Casting Director: Raul Staggs
  • Stage Manager: Letitia Chang
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Sam Pribyl
  • Production Photos: Grettel Cortes Photography

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