Saturday Oct 17, 2020 - Sunday Nov 15, 2020


by: Miss Barbie-Q (MJ), Amir Levi, Coretta Monk, Alex Budin, Chad Christopher, Matthew Clark, Brandon English, MARDOZA, Jon Lawrence Rivera, Roland Ruiz and Nick Salamone
directed by: Jon Lawrence Rivera

A world premiere devised work conceived by Jon Lawrence Rivera. It is a co-production with the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

MARCH may or may not take place 25 years in the future In a world of mortal danger, three Trans/Gender Non-conforming women of color seek a safe place to hide from “The Military.” Darkly fearful and incorporating elements of magic realism, MARCH is a suspenseful, starkly political drama of peril and liberation. For mature audiences only.

  • "The play’s premise is stirring, the world imagined here feeling not too far off from the harmful actions that the Trump administration has taken against trans people and the continued violence that the trans community faces. The three main characters have back stories that are vivid and compelling. These performances prove the power of MARCH." Los Angeles Times
  • "As COVID continues to cripple our theatre community, LA LGBT Center and Playwrights’ Arena forge a way forward into the strange new world of socially distant theatre — an art form that is constantly re-inventing itself. [This] live-action, drive-in radio play in a Hollywood parking garage, is a testament to that reinvention." Stage Raw
  • "As their suspenseful, starkly political drama of peril and liberation plays out in front of you, please remember that the future is in our hands and now is the time to VOTE for a better world in which we can all march to our own drum and live together on equal footing." The Culver City News
  • "Their stories have such specificity, anger and hurt, that the impact feels visceral. It comes as no surprise that the talented cast collaborated with Rivera and dramaturge Nick Salamone to craft this show and bring their very real stories of addiction, employment discrimination and ugly stereotyping to life." The Queer Review
  • Starring: Miss Barbie-Q (MJ), Alex Budin, Chad Christopher, Matthew Clark, Diego de los Andes, Brandon English, Amir Levi, MARDOZA, Coretta Monk, and Roland Ruiz
  • Producer: Jon Imparato
  • Dramaturg: Nick Salamone
  • Choreographer: Vera Wagman
  • Production Manager: Patricia Sutherland
  • Lighting Designer: Matt Richter
  • Sound Designer: Edwin Peraza
  • Costume Designer: Mylette Nora
  • Stage Managers: Rebecca Schoenberg and Maggie Marx

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