Saturday Sep 21, 2019 - Sunday Oct 20, 2019

LAS MUJERES DEL MAR (The Women of the Sea)

by: Janine Salinas Schoenberg
directed by: Diane Rodriguez
“Las Mujeres” never holds back its passion, fire and commitment. It is a moving parable of motherly love, imperfect but enduring. Los Angeles Times
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A world premiere play about resilience, survival and family.

Three generations of women attempt to reconcile their family’s past over a thirty-year journey. From the small fishing village of Puerto Azul, to the gritty streets of present day Los Angeles, Virginia, Marina, and Lupe’s memories create a timeline where past and present become one.

  • Part memory play, part social drama, Janine Salinas Schoenberg’s Las Mujeres Del Mar (Women of the Sea) tells the story of three generations of Mexican-American women who strive to love and support each other despite their past wounds and resentments. A world premiere mounted at Playwrights' Arena, it’s skillfully directed by Diane Rodriguez, and framed by an array of technical elements that highlight a meaningful story. Stage Raw
  • Though it helps to be bilingual, or at the very least conversant in Spanish, to fully understand and appreciate Las Mujeres Del Mar, the story Schoenberg has to tell goes a long way towards transcending language barriers in her powerful, redemptive Women Of The Sea. Stage Scene LA
  • Starring: Valentina Guerra, Adriana Sevahn Nichols, Gabriela Ortega, Dyana Ortelli, Israel Lopez Reyes, Camila Rozo, Eddie Ruiz
  • Producer: Henry 'Heno' Fernandez
  • Scenic Designer: Tanya Orellana
  • Lighting Designer: Mextly Couzin
  • Projection Designer: Yee Eun Nam
  • Original Music: Adam Schoenberg
  • Sound Designer: Matt Richter
  • Costume Designer: Mylette Nora
  • Casting Director: Raul Clayton Staggs
  • Stage Manager: Christina Bryan

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