Saturday Jan 12, 2019 - Sunday Jan 27, 2019


by: Inda Craig-Galván
directed by: Jon Lawrence Rivera

A brand new play about one daughter's fractured memory of her troubled mother, as seen through three different perspectives.

When 70s film prom queen Carrie is your role model, your adolescence must really suck. Will Lanny grow into a well-adjusted adult who can forgive her mother’s many faults? Or will she burn the whole town to the ground with telekinetic powers? A girl can dream, can’t she? A play full of good music, bad memories, and the hope for a better Scott Baio.

Running time: 85 minutes, no intermission.

  • "This inventive piece is a definite find for Playwrights’ Arena, which specializes in new work by L.A. writers. The specifics are rooted in a black mother’s internalized racism and her daughter’s resistance to it, but the day-to-day dynamics are typical of parent-child relationships everywhere. Anger and hurt give way to compassion in this autobiographical tale." Los Angeles Times
  • "... this is a deeply personal show with a big heart, and a superb ensemble under the sensitive direction of Jon Lawrence Rivera... But it is ultimately Craig-Galván’s insight into the determining role that time, age and shifting memory play in any relationship that taps into something profoundly universal." Stage Raw
  • "... this is the work of a deep, mature collaboration. Playwright, director, and each of the actors is at the top of their game." Stage and Cinema
  • "As if all this were not enough, Craig-Galván also quietly interrogates the racially structured world this mother and daughter — and all the rest of us — must try to live in. No lectures, no villains; just facts, heartbreaking facts." Theatre Ghost
  • "visually stunning... a showcase for two of the most remarkable performances you’re likely to see this year." Stage Scene LA
  • Starring: Kevin Coubal, Kita Grayson, Donna Simone Johnson, Inger Tudor and Cheri Lynne VandenHeuvel
  • Producer: Henry 'Heno' Fernandez
  • Scenic Designer: Austin Kottkamp
  • Lighting Designer: Matthew Richter
  • Costume Designer: Mylette Nora
  • Sound Designer: Matthew Richter
  • Projection Designer: Lily Bartenstein
  • Stage Manager: Christina Bryan
  • Casting Director: Raul Clayton Staggs

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