Saturday Oct 13, 2018 - Monday Nov 5, 2018


by: Donald Jolly
directed by: Jon Lawrence Rivera
"Playwright Donald Jolly’s script is an intriguing blend of the ancient and the contemporary. The story is fresh and necessary... [navigating] the dynamics of several intimate relationships affected by ingrained racism, misogyny, sexual orientation, gender identity and power. Underscored by the painfully beautiful bellows of Billie Holiday, BABY EYES draws you in and then makes you hurt." Stage Raw

A gaggle of male harpies spin a cautionary tale of taboo, lust, and one tragic boy’s search for manhood.

A re-imagining of the Ancient Greek myth of the god Zeus and his boy-lover Ganymede, placing it in the seedy streets of 1950s Baltimore when one boy dares to transgress common ideas of sexual mores and racial division in this cautionary tale of taboo and myth. [For mature audience only.]

  • "The Playwrights' Arena's world premiere of playwright Donald Jolly's BABY EYES presents a volatile, in-your-face telling of Gio, a diminutive teenage boy surviving bullies and homophobia in 1950's Baltimore. Jon Lawrence Rivera expertly directs his talented cast at a fast, smooth pace." Broadway World
  • "Jolly’s lyrical BABY EYES is well-written and certainly imaginative, while director Jon Lawrence Rivera’s sturdy, artful staging lifts the script up into the stratosphere." Ticket Holders L.A.
  • Starring: Jason Caceres, James Kaemmerling, Rudy Martinez, Ted Monte, Dennis Renard and Melvin Ward
  • Producer: Henry "Heno" Fernandez
  • Dramaturg: Adrian Centeno
  • Scenic Designer: Christopher Scott Murillo
  • Lighting Designer: Brad Bentz
  • Projection Designer: Katerina Pagsolingan
  • Costume Designer: Mylette Nora
  • Sound Designer: Jesse Mandapat
  • Casting Director: Raul Clayton Staggs
  • Stage Manager: Letitia Chang

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