Saturday Mar 12, 2022 - Sunday Apr 24, 2022


by: Boni B. Alvarez
directed by: Jon Lawrence Rivera

Playwrights' Arena and Skylight Theatre Company continue its Collaborative Season with APARTMENT LIVING

Shared walls. Shared experiences. Neighbors in a Los Angeles apartment building are forced into tighter quarters and the walls of their comfort begin to close in. What happens when these relationships get too close? Are we beholden to each other?

This play was commissioned by David Román in 2020.

  • "“Apartment Living” gives a textured sense of what the last two years cooped up in our homes have been like. In Jean-Paul Sartre’s “No Exit,” hell is defined as other people with whom we are inescapably trapped. In “Apartment Living,” heaven can be a chance encounter with someone we may never speak to again... Champion of the overlooked and chronicler of how we live now, Alvarez is a strong bet for a healthy playwriting future." Los Angeles Times
  • “To borrow from the Nobel prize winning author, Gabriel García Márquez, playwright Boni B. Alvarez’s new play could be called “Love in the Time of Covid,” but his play, Apartment Living, is an ideal fit for the emotional angst of these times of uncertainty... Excellent work of director Jon Lawrence Rivera, and the highly emotional performances of the actors. Bravo sez I!" Theatre Notes
  • "A cast of actors as diverse as our city. Through them we witness the breakup of a relationship and the discovery of what is really important in life. It brings to mind all that has occurred over the last two years that we've endured or suffered through. It makes you think...make new choices as life resumes. This is a play that plays well after it's over” Discover Hollywood
  • "Though the pandemic is far from over, and it most certainly wasn’t when Apartment Living ends circa September 2020, the latest from Boni Alvarez serves as reminder of how far we’ve come. Following last fall’s A Hit Dog Will Holler, Playwrights' Arena and Skylight Theatre Company are on quite a roll." Stage Scene LA
  • "Alvarez’s clever play surely has a future as an insightful chronicle of what we have all endured over the past 24 months. Under the direction of Rivera, his gifted and ethnically kaleidoscopic cast is skilled and incredibly committed to their characters’ journey” TicketHoldersLA
  • "Skillfully helmed by Jon Lawrence Rivera...added bonus of a talented cast. Unique perspective on human relationships...the story of a nearly invisible protagonist which changes all the lives it touches." LA Splash
  • "Brilliant...Director Jon Lawrence Rivera directs with attention to the emotional depth and sympathy that propels the play outside of its limitations and allows us to become engrossed in the lives of these apartment dwellers." Showmag
  • “The play takes us on a roller coaster of emotions where dynamic relationships are tested… where assumptions can take the right or the wrong direction, but at the end, it shows a more positive and unexpected result, bringing people together, bonding by the collective hope that better days lie ahead” Glamgical
  • "An excellent cast... Directed with intensity by Jon Lawrence Rivera, there are about 25 short scenes separated by time and distance with choreographed set changes that bring a cinematic value to the story." Not Born Yesterday
  • Starring: Gabriel Leyva, Geri-Nikole Love, Charrell Mack, Gigette Reyes, Andrew Russel, and Rachel Sorsa [Tyree Marshall performs CASSANDRA at certain performances]
  • Producers: Gary Grossman and Jon Lawrence Rivera
  • Scenic Designer: Alex Calle
  • Lighting Designer: Azra King-Abadi
  • Costume Designer: Mylette Nora
  • Sound Designer: John Zalewski
  • Projection Design: David Murakami
  • Prop Designer: Michael O'Hara
  • Sensitivity/Intimacy Director: Joy DeMichelle
  • Associate Producer: Tyree Marshall
  • Covid Compliance Officer: Cedes Sifuentes
  • Casting Director: Raul Clayton Staggs
  • Stage Manager: Veronica Vasquez
  • Production Photos: Jenny Graham

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