Saturday Nov 6, 2021 - Sunday Dec 12, 2021


by: Inda Craig-Galván
directed by: Jon Lawrence Rivera
"The mesmerizing A Hit Dog Will Holler, provoke and resonate. Playwright Inda Craig-Galván has built a powerful piece of art. “Built” because the layers of A Hit Dog Will Holler take the early 2020 zeitgeist of Black Lives Matter, social media, and a looming pandemic and add on deft character portraits. It tops it all off with the collective unconscious of the oppressed: violence casual and random, targeted and vile. The play builds truth upon truth." Larchmont Buzz

A Skylight Theatre Company and Playwrights' Arena world premiere play from the playwright of I GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

A social media influencer and a boots-on-the-ground activist form a complex bond of friendship to help each other survive as American racism manifests as a physical form.


This performance contains material that investigates Black experience in this country openly. We stand behind the work of this creative team in delivering it honestly to you. The charged content includes: flight, fight and freeze traumatic responses to oppression, avoidance and erasure. We caution you to seek help from a locally available mental health professional or hotline if this theatrical experience stays with you for an uncomfortable amount of time.


Playwrights’ Arena and Skylight Theatre Company are committed to providing and maintaining a gathering place that is free of known hazards. To safeguard the health of our entire community, we are requiring proof of Covid-19 vaccinations for all employees and audiences moving forward. Additionally, at this time we will require masks indoors at our theater. Children under 12 will not be admitted. We reserve the right to adjust seating.

[The role of Dru originally shared by actors Donna Simone Johnson and Kacie Rogers is now played by Kacie Rogers]

  • "The actors endow their roles with textured individuality. Both characters must work through the PTSD of being Black and female in America. Rivera’s staging, capitalizing on a believably contemporary interior set by scenic designer Jan Munroe, gives the play an expansive breadth." Los Angeles Times
  • "For a ninety minute piece, the energy never falters. From one moment to the next, we are invested in the reality laid out before us, even if it is eerily recognizant to our own recent realities." Broadway World
  • "Hit Dog.." is a strong political statement... There's much to be said for a strong polemic that boosts the social conscience." On Stage Los Angeles
  • "A HIT DOG WILL HOLLER abounds with symbolism – but also resonates with very practical, highly visceral, and culturally realistic language and viewpoints. Philosophy and reality may clash – or they may join. The audience will be forced to decide." Splash Magazine
  • "It’s an opportunity for savvy actors to showcase their skills, which they do with panache. Meanwhile, Rivera keeps the pace brisk, while the tech elements, most especially Howard Ho’s sound design and Nicolas Santiago’s projections, underscore the best elements of a dark comedy with a pointed and meaningful message."
  • "With a decidedly surreal bent, Craig-Galván explores the only slightly invisible waves of hatred all African Americans deal with daily in our less than equitable world but, even more spot-on, the trauma and disdain faced by Black women, especially strong and independent women who refuse to back down from addressing the challenges." Ticket Holders L.A.
  • "A Hit Dog Will Holler merits seeing to experience the powerhouse work being done by two masterful actors in perfect sync under Jon Lawrence Rivera’s incisive direction." Stage Scene L.A.
  • Starring: Donna Simone Johnson, Kacie Rogers and Cheri Vandenheuvel
  • Scenic Design: Jan Munroe
  • Lighting Design: Matthew Richter
  • Costume Design: Mylette Nora
  • Projection Design: Nicholas Santiago
  • Sound Design: Howard Ho
  • Prop Design: Lily Bartenstein
  • Production Stage Manager: Crystal Hui
  • Rehearsal Stage Manager: Ben Altman
  • Associate Producer: Tyree Marshall
  • Sensitivity Consultant: Ann James
  • Covid Compliance Officer: Cedes Sifuentes
  • Casting Director: Raul Clayton Staggs
  • Technical Director: Christopher Hoffman
  • Publicist: Judith Borne
  • Social Media: Rebecca Tessier
  • Marketing Art/Program Design: Guillermo Perez

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