Saturday Aug 6, 2022 - Sunday Sep 4, 2022


by: Roger Q. Mason
directed by: Lovell Holder

Playwrights' Arena and Skylight Theatre Company present a brand new historical fantasia.

Enter the historical fantasia of Taffeta, a self-proclaimed “fabulous queer creation of color,” as she invades the private world of Abraham Lincoln to confront issues of LGBTQ+ inclusion and visibility that still challenge us today.

  • "A daring theatrical talent is on display... Evoking the mingled visions of Suzan-Lori Parks (“Topdog/Underdog”), Jeremy O. Harris (“Slave Play”) and Michael R. Jackson (“A Strange Loop”), Mason risks the fearless self-exposure of a performance artist like Karen Finley, who similarly puts her own body on the line in her work... See “Lavender Men” if you’d like to experience an artist on the brink of something fabulous." Los Angeles Times
  • “Sensational and bravely rule-shattering. This exceptional creation is groundbreaking in every possible way. Poetic and visually stunning.” Ticket Holders LA
  • “One of the most stunning productions in town. It is an imaginative, exhilarating addition to contemporary LGBTQ theater” Stage Scene LA
  • "LAVENDER MEN is definitely a fantastic production which demands that the audience suspend reality in order to get into Taffeta’s groove. But the transition is worth it. You’ll see some unexpected “what-ifs” which may knock your socks off. This is a thought-provoking piece – but, at the same time, it’s also entertaining and fun." LA Splash
  • "Mason’s writing is able to connect overweight, colored, and queer people with such fluidity within the story that they all become a coherent and powerful testament of the resilience of those underserved communities who are not willing to be silenced anymore. This is why Lavender Men, a smart, funny, and engaging play resonates in this era where society is trying to make amends for past mistakes." Glamgical
  • Starring: Alex Esola, Roger Q. Mason, and Pete Ploszek
  • Scenic Designer: Stephen Gifford
  • Lighting Designer: Dan Weingarten
  • Costume Designer: Wendell Carmichael
  • Sound Designer: Erin Bednarz
  • Music Composer: David Gonzalez
  • Choreographer: Jobel Medina
  • Prop Designer: Michael O'Hara
  • Casting Director: Raul Clayton Staggs
  • Production Manager / Covid Officer: Cedes Sifuentes
  • Stage Manager: Letitia Chang
  • Production Intern: Megan Hanna

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